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Instagram Idea for Cleaning My Make-Up Brushes.

January 19, 2017


I saw this Idea on Instagram and decided to give it a try!  The one where you use a clipboard and glue gun to make a Make-up brush cleaner.  So I bought these items below from my local Wal-mart.  Cost me a total of around $9.  Not to shabby!



After I set up the glue gun and unwrapped the clipboard I went to work. At first the glue gun and me had a fight. It wanted to add in all these horrible little lines in between everything.  Then I thought who cares, all the more for the brush to scrub on.  But the zig zags were fun to figure out..... my advise is to touch at every peak of the zig or zag so that you finally get a somewhat deserving piece of artwork!



Finished artwork is beautiful if I do say so myself.  I only went through about 3-4 glue sticks in all, you could see I was getting stingy at the bottom.  I wanted a finer area to scrub for smaller brushes to kept the tip to the clipboard as I applied the glue.  It worked so much better than I originally thought I would.



I have so many dirty brushes I picked the 4 that are a pain to clean.  I have 4 different brands and 4 different designs of brushes.  Make sure to divide your brush into 3's. You have the bristle, the ferrule (the metal piece that holds the bristles in), and the handle.  You only want to wash the bristles of the brush and not get the ferrule wet as it can damage the glue that holds your bristles in.  



I am excited to see how my new make-up brush cleaner works!  I rested the clipboard onto the middle divider in my sink, and it fit beautifully. I put the soap to wash the brushes (I use Johnson Baby Shampoo) right in the middle of the clipboard. Than after wetting the brush with warm water I swirled the brush along the designs I made.  It worked like a dream.  


Brush #2-4 did amazing too, each came completely clean with no left over residue in the middle of the brushes. It took me half the time to clean my brushes than normal and I don't feel that I was dragging them on something that was going to pull out their delicate hairs or get the ferrule wet.


Final results are clean and drying brushes.  I made sure to shake/tap the brushes on my hand to get rid of excess water after ringing out.  If my brushes handles had all been closer to the same size I would've tried placing them into the clip part so they could dry and let the water run off onto the board.


 I think that all in all this was a major success.  It was a cheap easy way to save me lots of time in the long run!  


Battle one won glue gun, battle one won...




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